LK-150 Carrying Case

Many folks frequently ask “where did you get the gun case to carry your LK-150?” If that’s you, there are several places you can get an inexpensive gun case. In today’s market and at the time of this writing though, the cheapest price I’ve found is approximately $59.99. You can find them at Walmart, Optics […]

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March 2024: Hamanaka Garter Stitch & German Knittax Machines

March 2024: Garter Bar and Other Machines Hamanaka Garter Stitch Machine Milissa Ellison Dewey gave a great presentation at our March meeting demonstrating the Hamanaka Garter Stitch Machine. This machine appears to have been manufactured in Japan and a manual in Japanese can be found on The machine uses double ended hook needles and

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Fairisle Sweater Journey

By Allison Dennis February 2024 Inspiration and where it leads… Recently I had a bit of a dilemma when I was well into a project that I was not thrilled with. I had spent time thinking about how I could revive it, but in the end the color still didn’t work for me, so I

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Dragon Scarf

January 2024: Diana Sullivan

Our first meeting of 2024 was an exciting demonstration by Diana Sullivan: “Garter Bar Basics and New Tricks.” Not only did we learn some great new tricks, but we got a sneak peek at her new “Dragon Scarf” pattern! It’s such a fun project and an opportunity to practice new things on your knitting machine!

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