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We look forward to having you join us! Please click on the button below to open and/or download the Membership Form. Complete the form in it’s entirety. When it opens on your desktop, simply type your information in the appropriate fields and then print the form.

How do you open a PDF and type in the fields on your iPad or iPhone?
Download the Adobe Acrobat Reader app for iOS and open your PDF in the app. Tap the pencil icon on the bottom of your screen and then select Comment. Use the editing tools that appear at the top of your screen to highlight, draw, and otherwise annotate. To return to reading mode, tap Done and print the completed form on your home printer.

On an Android, open the Acrobat app and press the plus sign at the bottom of the screen. Choose the edit a PDF option and then navigate to the form you want. Touch the pencil icon at the bottom of the screen, then select Edit PDF. Fill in the form and touch Done at the top of the screen.

Once printed mail your application along with your check to our Treasurer, Diane McQueen.

Have a specific question you would like to ask? We’d love to hear from you! Please complete the contact form below.

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