Spring Fling


     Members of Interknits met in Peru. Indiana to attend Spring Fling the weekend of April 13th. Each year the Knit Knack Shop presents a weekend opportunity for knitters to attend classes, check out new products, materials and a chance to interact and meet other knitting enthusiasts. Interknit members attended classes offered by Susan Guagliumi, Sandee Cherry, Diana Sullivan and other experts in machine knitting.


                                                    Interknit Members at Spring Fling

                               Seated (L to R} : Rose Antonelli, Barb Perniconi, Shirley Guzman. 

                               Standing (L to R) Pam Huang, Mary Slattery, Mary Jordon, Joan Swan,

                               Valoria Simpson, Frieda Armbrecht and Sharon Sullivan

                                   sueg                                    charli

                                             Susan Guagliumi's Class                                                                Showing their Charley Jackets