'Share the knitting'...Ronnie Soltysiak, Charity Coordinator

Charity knitting has always been an important part of the Interknit Machine Knitting Guild. For many years members have knitted hundreds of hats for Halos of Hope and each November meeting is dedicated to knitting for various organizations.

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Indo American Center Holiday Hats

Upcoming Activities

Purple Hat Campaign

The Purple Hat Campaign starts NOW and continues until September. Please bring hats to Ronnie at the meetings. Click on the link for more information: Purple Hat Campaign.

Teen Parent Connection TPC

A representative from the Teen Parent Connection will give a small introduction about the organization. If you have any items knitted from newborn to 12 months please bring them to the meeting for collection.


Little hats, Big Hearts

The American Heart Association, in connection with the Childrens Heart foundation are celebrating American Heart Month by knitting and crocheting red hats for babies born in February at participating hospitals.  Click on the link below for more information. Bring your red premie hat to the meeting.


A List of Organizations Supported by IMK Knitters


Little Hats, Big Hearts
Red Preemie Hats
Shaken Baby Syndrome
Newborn Purple Caps
Teen Parent Connection
Newborn - 12 months

To: Knitters

From: Ronnie Soltysiak

All knitters please remember part of our mission is to charity knit for those in need. November is traditionally our knit for charity meeting; however, charity knitting can be part of our knitting all year long. I have received the honor of being appointed the Charity Coordinator for our group. Those of you who know me know this is a passion of mine and my hope is to get everyone passionate about helping others. When we look at our life, if we have a knitting machine, a place to put it and capability to operate it, then we have so much compared to the people we knit for; it is our blessing to be able to help others. Please take a look at the list...see what you can make. It would be a great accomplishment if we could commit to one or two items from the list every month. Knitted items can be turned in to me and we will get them a new home. Share the knitting!